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Create better listing presentations using the latest technology not hoping you get lucky.

Take the guessing out of property marketing and getting leads. You are walking into listing presentations without knowing what your competitors are doing and that is costing you business. Using iD360Media 3D marketing components will have YOU standing out over others .

Typical listing presentations have agents saying the same thing. They will list it, put a sign out, send it to a bazillion websites and do an open house. How are you going to get the listing if you are doing the same thing?


Try for yourself and as immerse yourself you will have feelings about the time you went to the beach or having a drink on a deck just like it with friends or family. This is what sellers will feel when they experience YOUR listing presentation when you let them try one on a tablet or smart phone or VR goggles.

Now show them that when you do your open houses of their property that every one that leaves will be shown on your tablet how, at 3am, they can see the kitchen or master bedroom again.

Tell sellers you will show open house visitors¬†how to use the scan before they leave so it gives the listing more “facetime” with prospective buyers. Studies show that buyers looking at open houses all day tend to not recall as much. However those that get a 3D 24/7 Virtual Reality Open House tend to recall 99% of the features of the property while recalling only 32% of Open Houses without. Buyers spend more than 12 minutes looking at pages with a 3D Virtual Property experience compared to 3 minutes.

Let the seller fund your marketing for years to come. After the property sells the marketing lives on by allowing you to farm the community the house is in. We have found that by effectively using the marketing after the initial property sells you can get more buyer and seller leads.

Buyers that are looking to get a feel for what houses in that community “feels” like get more connected with you as they connect with the lifestyle the marketing provides.

Sellers see this connection and see how you market it on facebook (unlike anything you have seen) and other social media platforms and see that you are marketing out of the box

So when YOU show up to the next listing presentation are YOU going to be able to present like this or will you lose the listing to someone else who does? Contact us to learn all we do to make you stand out.