Architect, Engineer, Construction and those involved in project development have a technology boost these days giving those that identify with it and use it a definitive edge that leads to more profit and have you standing out to your existing clients and winning future projects. You also can take projects outside of your normal service area with no increase in cost or workload like before.

Like the smartphone was the upgrade to the cell phone, we have technology changing to what you are doing that elevates your work and finished product while making more money. It uses the PRO3 Matterport system along with technology upgrades that makes the former version feel antiquated.

It has you doing less work and eliminates mistakes by all parties involved during a project’s production. It documents each phase of construction and eliminates the back and forth and makes collaboration centralized. For you it makes having to go back and forth to measure a fraction of the old way of doing things.

By making this the center for all to review and give input YOUR company gets the intrinsic value of being the expert in this new type of collaboration. You save everyone from the usual mistakes and costs so everyone is more profitable. Your brand gained status that will make more come back to you and refer you.

[2024 winter release video here]

As you can see a lot has happened this past year. Not only Matterport but the techniques that make the final product you deliver all it could be based on your needs with our listening and our years of experience. This gets the most out of this 5D marketing. The hardware and software changes in the last year have really jumped things up a few levels and like the cell phone to smartphone example our knowledge and experience get a lot of things out of it for you and your clients.

The value is now 12 times greater than it was in 2022. The combination of product and our expertise is incredible and the reason why you don’t hear more buzz about it is because most don’t know and the ones that do don’t want it spread to competing firms.

You may ask “why don’t I buy the $10,000 equipment and hire inhouse?” You can hire an inhouse person ……but it’s just like why you don’t have inhouse plumbers, electricians, HVAC? Have you tried that before?

Using that way has you hiring people without the craftsman level and learning the basics or trying to get to our level (years of experience doing a multitude of projects). Ask others going that route to honestly say and they will say they didn’t do what they thought.

We stay on top of it everyday, everytime a new update comes or we develop a technique from doing thousands of projects. We integrate into AUTOCAD AND PROCORE and if you have or want municipal contracts would you want better “as-builts.”

All municipals require as-builts because as you know they require all the changes done on site (whether it was a permitting issue or client requests,etc.) or a private (construction, commercial) client you present as a feature this is a great addition to your way of doing things and makes you the go to architect or construction company for the next project.

The “digital twin” is scanned after every phase and it’s something they can go into a layered file and look at HVAC, electrician, plumber ,etc. and they can “see” each layer of work so they don’t puncture something.

You can load the digital twin into AUTOCAD or send it as a 5D file to host with you or the end user.

There are many benefits and we will go over them when we talk but another is insurance.

Site supervisors have a new level of accountability by having the digital representation that is independent of anyone with no discrepancy…ever. Having the change orders in this system eliminates errors and everything is photo documented.

Another benefit is if after completion and there is a fire and someone claims it was from faulty wiring they can go back to the digital twin and it shows it was done properly.

Another advantage is the workflow advantage. In ProCore they import the project so all their teams can collaborate and put in their items so everyone is collaborating in the same place. They can place a change order or put in a request to the architect. So all the team is already comfortable with procore and yet it add a better experience, their project performance is better for person’s trades. They can go in and make a change order, order a request for information to the architect. Maybe they want to find out if they need fire radar chips on a certain part of the building. They can go into it and put in a request to the architect and tag the architect in the software. They get an email, they go right to the visual and get to answer the question without going to the building.

Same thing for electricians. Maybe they want to change the position of an outlet, or the position of the light fixture, or want to change the light fixture. They can assign that through “mattertags” and notes in different ways to automatically assign the task via tag to the tradesperson.

All of these things increase productivity while lowering the cost of the projects. Call us to see if we can pay for ourselves before you even start your next project.